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Tips and Tricks

Testing Wool for Synthetics

It is not easy to tell if what you are buying or recycling is 100% wool. In our experience, only one method is definitive.

Washing Most Wool

Our product is 100% wool (unless the wool has sparkle or is advertised as having any additional content). We sell off-the-bolt wool that is not washed, and while some customers use it straight off the bolt, most artisans will wash before use. Don't be afraid of washing your wool!  Rebecca washes most of the wool in a warm wash with a bit of detergent (any detergent you have on hand is fine), cold rinse and then into a hot dryer. Tide is not recommended (Tide can bleed the color out of the fabric), and you do not need to use Woolite. Top loading washers with a traditional agitator work best.

Using New Wool Studio Items As Is

Beginning with items swatched in our July 2019 mailer and forward, you can cut these truly 100% wool items down to a size 4 with confidence and without fraying. If you are a fine hooker, these new items will give you a much broader selection of textures to use in your projects. If you use our wool for appliqué, trees, proddy, shirring, etc., you will notice tighter edges on even more intricate patterns.  


What’s more, you can cut and hook these new items, down to a 4, without washing, saving you time and money! Try it before you wash your wool. Please note that if you do choose to wash these new items, with the density change, we recommend a cold wash, cold rinse and a cool dryer. This will minimize over-felting and excessive shrinkage.

Hanging Rugs

There many ways to hang rugs... pins, frames, etc. We hang most of our rugs with simple and inexpensive carpet tack strips. This method works on any wall material and the strips are available at most hardware stores. Cut the strip just shy of the width of the rug. Fasten the strip to the wall, tack side facing the room, with one or two fasteners. Make sure the tacks are pointing slightly up (i.e. oriented toward the ceiling). Carefully hang the top edge of the rug on the tacks and adjust for square. The strip spreads the load of the rug and gives a straight edge to follow.

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