More Information on the Wools in the October 2020 Mailer


When you feel the swatches in this October mailer you will again notice a tighter weave. 

You can cut many of these truly 100% wool items down to a 4 and up to an 8.5 or hand torn with confidence and without fraying. If you are a fine hooker, these new items will give you a much broader selection of textures to use in your projects. If you use our wool for appliqué, trees, proddy, shirring, upholstery, etc., you will notice tighter edges on even more intricate patterns.


For more, check out our FAQ pagePlease note that the swatches in this mailer were processed with a cold rinse, a little fabric softener, and a cool dryer. 

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Olde Glory White (TW)
Over the years, no re-milling of Olde Glory White has ever been exactly the same… so we are keeping the name for this tighter weave (TW) version. Perfect old white for flags, santas, clouds, animals, etc. Also an over-dyer’s dream!
Gray Lady (TW)
Beautifully heathered gray and cream combine to give you a fantastic herringbone. Whether you need a background that works alone or mixed with other lights, this could be just what the teacher ordered. Also perfect for animals, fences, trees, baskets, and of course, a lovely over-dye!
Dimples (TW)
One of our most popular neutrals, whether used as-is or in the dye pot. It is a great mixer with other neutrals for backgrounds but also stands up well to over-dyeing without losing its freckly texture.
Dimples Hooked
Hooked Example
Oyster Bay (TW)
The grays, browns and sage in this wool will make a beautiful, varied background. This is a WOW over-dye!
Oyster Bay Hooked
Hooked Example
Dobbin House (TW)
Say hello to the tighter weave (TW) version of our Dobbin House from 2017. Naturally perfect for animals, birds, gravel paths, stone walls.
Dobbin House Hooked
Hooked Example
Carrot Top (TW)
A popular orange, re-milled to our tighter weave (TW) specification.
Carrot Top Hooked
Hooked Example
Wasabi (TW)
A mill over-dyed version of our popular Naturally Seeded, there’s a little kick to this great dusty, lime green. Enjoy this tighter weave (TW) version of Wasabi.
Wasabi Hooked
Hooked Example
Aqua Velva (TW)
Perfect for your patriotic rugs, skies, water, flowers, borders, etc. Hooks a bit like a tweed with loops having light, medium and darker flecks, making it perfect for flags and backgrounds.
Aqua Velva Hooked
Hooked Example
Harvest Moon (TW)
Mustard gold, gray-blue-green and some darker heathers hook so subtly, changing from one to the next, effortlessly creating your new favorite color palette. Check out the full plaid on our website.
Harvest Moon Hooked
Hooked Example
Blue Olive (TW)
Shades of blue and dull olive green make this an incredible wool. Wonderful background for orange, gold, red or light motifs.
Blue Olive Hooked
Hooked Example
Beets and Berries (TW)
A primitive, rich, deep juicy red. Excellent for old structures, floral bouquets or vintage backgrounds and borders.
Beets and Berries Hooked
Hooked Example
Sweet Pea (TW)
Sweet Pea is returning by popular request and in our tighter weave (TW). This vibrant green is great for grass, flower foliage and other spring projects.
Sweet Pea Hooked
Hooked Example
Whisky Holler (TW)
Fantastic bourbon-brown with windowpanes of soft golden-green plaid. Hooks a beautiful background or border mixed with other browns or all by itself.
Whisky Holler Hooked
Hooked Example
Cotton Cloud (TW)
Wood Ash (TW)
Head In The Clouds (TW)
Guacamole (TW)
Inky Tweed (TW)
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