More Information on the Wools in the January 2021 Mailer


When you feel the swatches in this January mailer you will again notice a tighter weave. 

You can cut many of these truly 100% wool items down to a 4 and up to an 8.5 or hand torn with confidence and without fraying. If you are a fine hooker, these new items will give you a much broader selection of textures to use in your projects. If you use our wool for appliqué, trees, proddy, shirring, upholstery, etc., you will notice tighter edges on even more intricate patterns.


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Desert Stripe (TW)
The neutral stripes of various widths in tones of tan, taupe, natural and olive make this a versatile neutral stripe and a knockout overdye! Incredible stone walls, siding, walkways, trees, animals, and much more.
Desert Stripe Hooked
Hooked Example
Sandstone Plaid (TW)
If you missed it the first time, here’s your chance! With some of the light to medium variations of favorites like Shadowfax, this can be used as-is or will provide a great foundation for over-dyeing.
Sandstone Hooked
Hooked Example
"Wonky" Wonderful Good Brown-SOLD OUT
Sold Out
Black Tie (TW)
Back by overwhelming request in our tighter weave specification and a luxurious hand! Reversible sophistication. This makes amazing chickens, cats, dogs, wooly trees, etc., and adds interest in a variety of applications, including over-dyeing.
Black Tie Hooked
Hooked Example
Going Gray (TW)
A tighter weave variation on our 4 Square, which never lasts long when we have it milled. This lovely multitasking gray, full of squares, is back in stock after several years.
Going Gray Hooked
Hooked Example
Black Jack #2 (TW)
Note the improved color definition in this version of our Black Jack Stripe. A perfect antique black that has been a foundation dark for hooking and appliqué. We still have some Black Jack Stripe, so please order by correct name.
Corn Husk (TW)
A versatile shade of gold that’s dynamically different on each side. This yellow-gold would be great for a lion or the sun and moon… and the sunflowers in-between!
Corn Husk Hooked
Bright side hooked example
Corn Husk Hooked
Darker side hooked example
Game Keeper (TW)
Game Keeper is in the same species as Huntsman from 2017 but in our tighter weave. These rich colors have such potential. Fussy cut the reds and greens or hook as-is. Look at the full repeat and hooked samples on our website.
Game Keeper Hooked
Hooked Example
Seeded Squash (TW)
This is a mill over-dyed version of our Naturally Seeded in a great rustic orange. This roasted squash orange is a great complement to Pumpkin Patch and contrasting complement to Larkspur and Purple Haze.
Seeded Squash
Hooked Example
Purple Haze (TW)
An indescribable color! The heathered background is richly deep purple, with many other colors appearing in the sunlight. Mixes well with Larkspur, of course!
Purple Haze Hooked
Hooked Example
Larkspur (TW)
This pale blue and purple plaid, now in our tighter weave, will create beautiful skies, water, and don’t forget the flowers. Please “fussy cut” if you want to separate the blues and purples!
Larkspur Hooked
Hooked Example
Greener Gilbert (TW)
This gentle green will create beautiful leaves, landscapes and is just a fantastic overdye. Try with your favorite green, green/blue, rusty red or gold dyes for a beautiful result.
Greener Gilbert Hooked
Hooked Example
Pumpkin Patch (TW)
We are always asked about oranges… well, here is a great repeat from years ago… now in the tighter weave! However, don't let the name fool you— it’s great for more than just pumpkins (although it is the perfect traditional pumpkin, too!).
Pumpkin Patch Hooked
Hooked Example
Smoked Paprika (TW)
A primitive deep red with dark green and gold accents. Excellent for old structures, floral bouquets, baskets, urns or vintage backgrounds and borders.
Smoked Paprika Hooked
Hooked Example
Thickety (TW)
Deep, dark and mysterious combination of green and brown with a thin navy windowpane. To get the full effect, take this outside to see the heathered values. Try as a border or background with Smoked Paprika… nice!
Thickety Hooked
Hooked Example
Country Creamery (TW)
Restocked for January
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