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"This Is It" Feature eSwatches


These items are what we call "This Is It's", low inventory pieces that are down to the last few yards. These regularly priced woolens may be something you liked before and may be happy to pick up again before they totally sell out.


We believe there is nothing like seeing and feeling what you are ordering. Computer monitors can show colors differently... and not always accurately. It is important to touch a washed piece of wool and see its' true color in your own light. Since many of these selections are well known by our customers, our eSwatches are here to jog your memory on name and color. Please use the eSwatches for reference only.


eSwatches do not represent our full offering of woolens and should not be viewed as an online catalog. Availability may be limited. These images are provided for your reference. Learn more about swatches.


Click on each image below for a larger view

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