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New and experienced wool users alike, enjoy having a stash of fabric that gives them variety and options for the ‘just right’ color or texture for a specific area of their project. To assist you in building (or adding to) your stash, we have started a Stash-Builder ordering option.

We will fill a bag with pieces to make up the one pound increments you order using the form below. Pricing is $20.00/pound, which is equivalent to paying $18-$20/yard (approximately a 20% discount off retail). As with all orders, shipping will be based on UPS’s charge for weight, size and distance to your address. We will do our best to pick a great variety of pieces that fit the color category you have chosen. Sorry, no, you cannot make custom requests but in turn you are getting a nice discount below retail.

Most items will be between 4” to 20” (measured along the selvedge) by the width of the fabric (approximately 60”). The smallest pieces, in all but the appliqué options, will be 240 sq. in. (i.e. 4” x 60” or about 1/8 yard). Must order in one pound increments. We will select a sampling of pieces, some going back years and likely out of stock for some time, that fit into your selected category and make great additions to your stash. The items will be off-the-bolt, first quality, and most unwashed. These selections can include items from Rebecca’s stash going back 20 years. Note that items from Rebecca’s stash may have been washed because that is how she stores her stash.


Appliqué pieces will be smaller but plenty big and useful for your projects.

How to Order
Option 1: Complete the Stash-Builder eOrder Form below and click the button to eMail the order.


Option 2: Click on the PDF document below, fill it out, and scan or take a picture and email it to us at the Studio. Or, drop in an envelope and mail to the Studio. 

Option 3: Email us what you would like using the PDF order form below as your guide (e.g. 2 pounds of Lights & Neutrals and 1 pound Colors). You may want to add a Stash-Builder order to your regular order.

Option 4: Call it in as an order (or as part of a larger order) using the PDF order form below as your guide.

Stash-Builder eOrder Form
Payment Choice

Thanks for your order!

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