More Information on the Wools in the July 2020 Mailer


When you feel the swatches in this July mailer you will again notice a tighter weave. 

You can cut many of these truly 100% wool items down to a 4 and up to an 8.5 or hand torn with confidence and without fraying. If you are a fine hooker, these new items will give you a much broader selection of textures to use in your projects. If you use our wool for appliqué, trees, proddy, shirring, upholstery, etc., you will notice tighter edges on even more intricate patterns.


For more, check out our FAQ pagePlease note that the swatches in this mailer were processed with a cold rinse, a little fabric softener, and a cool dryer. 

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Snowflake Confetti
This run of Snowflake was milled prior to July 2019 so it is not a TW (tighter weave) variety. However, it was never swatched at that time. Snowflake is a great overdye with interesting flakes of red and blue.
Seersucker (TW)
Works nicely when cut across the stripes, as the light color in your red, “white” and blue pieces. As many lights, it is a great over-dye and works well for animals.
Seersucker Hooked
Hooked Example
Shadowfax (TW)
Shadowfax is the new TW (tighter weave) name for our Lights & Shadows. This version has slightly softer colors suitable for hooking as-is backgrounds and will remain a favorite over-dye. Great for fencing, not-white snowmen, animals including sheep, goats, rabbits, and your pets of course! Fun primitive “light” for your patriotic needlework.
Shadowfax Hooked
Hooked Example
Black and White Honeycomb (TW)
This is the TW (tighter weave) version of a cornerstone pattern. Overdye this in any color or use as-is for animals, chickens and seeded areas such as flower centers. Shown here with examples of B&W over-dyed in various colors.
Black and White Honeycomb Hooked
Hooked Example
Raspberry Seeds (TW)
Not as bright as Rocket Red and not as dark as Strawberry Seeds. Absolutely perfect red for your patriotic projects…pair with Penn’s Blue for perfection!
Penn's Blue (TW)
This blue tweed has more color than you see at first look, so take it outside to fully appreciate it. A great flag blue for your patriotic rugs, or a complement to Impressionist.
Penn's Blue Hooked
Hooked Example
Impressionist (TW)
Decided to restock since it works beautifully with Penn’s Blue and Irish Butter. “Impressionist” says it all… it hooks like a calming water color.
Impressionist Hooked
Hooked Example
Irish Butter (TW)
This soft yellow windowpane is a must-have for your yellow collection. Think birds, flowers, sun, and the moon.
Irish Butter Hooked
Hooked Example
Savory Sage (TW)
Heathered sage with soft windowpanes of rust and blue come together to create a nice muted green. One more green for your stash… borders, backgrounds, trees, etc.
Savory Sage Hooked
Hooked Example
Calypso (TW)
A beautiful TW (tighter weave) run of our long sold out and widely sought-after, Mystical Mermaid. One of my personal favorites to easily combine shades of green and blue. Incredible border, leaves, landscapes, trees, and so much more!
Calypso Hooked
Hooked Example
Saddle Blanket (TW)
Oh my, these muted colors were all chosen to create the perfect primitive combo for your vintage looking rugs. Cut across the stripes for a change of color with almost every loop. You may also fussy cut the stripes and use them separately.
Saddle Blanket Hooked
Hooked Example
Perfect combination of browns and black make this a must-have for roofs, shingles, animals, trees, borders and backgrounds. This run of Pinecone was milled prior to July 2019 so it is not a TW (tighter weave) variety.
Pinecone Hooked
Hooked Example
Inky Tweed (TW)
A black with just enough texture from the tweed to keep it from looking flat. This is a favorite antique black for hooking and beautiful foundation for appliqué.
Old Flag
This is a hooked grouping of Penn's Blue, Shadowfax, Seersucker and Raspberry Seeds. This is a great set of options for a project requiring patriotic colors!
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