More Information on the Wools in the April 2020 Mailer


When you feel the swatches in this April mailer you will again notice a tighter weave. 

You can cut many of these truly 100% wool items down to a 4 and up to an 8.5 or hand torn with confidence and without fraying. If you are a fine hooker, these new items will give you a much broader selection of textures to use in your projects. If you use our wool for appliqué, trees, proddy, shirring, upholstery, etc., you will notice tighter edges on even more intricate patterns.


For more, check out our FAQ pagePlease note that the swatches in this mailer were proccessed with a cold rinse, with a little fabric softener, and a cool dryer. 

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Khaki Back-Around
The tighter weave version of our Favorite Khaki Background. The perfect background all by itself and a great over-dye.
Khaki Back-Around, Hooked
Hooked Example
Wood Ash
This is another great neutral to stand alone as a background or mixed with Khaki Back-Around, Pebble Beach and/or Tombstone. Try it for pathways, windows, animals, sand castles, etc. Don’t forget your quilt or penny rug foundation.
Wood Ash, Hooked
Hooked Example
Head In The Clouds
Your hard-to-find sky and water colors, not to mention flowers, borders, and more.
Head In The Clouds, Hooked
Hooked Example
Something Blue
Perfect for your patriotic rugs, skies, water, flowers, borders, etc. Hooks a bit like a tweed with loops having light, medium and darker flecks, making it perfect for flags and backgrounds.
Something Blue, Hooked
Hooked Example
Fields of Gold
Our most versatile shade of gold with many other heathered colors woven into the herringbone. This yellow-gold is a must have for everything from the sun to the moon and the sunflowers in-between.
Fields of Gold, Hooked
Hooked Example
Pea Soup
This soft earthy green is a delight with just a hint of subtle textured stripe. Just beautiful!
Pea Soup, Hooked
Hooked Example
Lagoon Blue
First offered in our October 2012 mailer, you could say this is a return to The Blue Lagoon! Much-anticipated, this teal plays well with so many colors… for starters, everything on pages two and three of this mailer!
Lagoon Blue, Hooked
Hooked Example
Joshua Tree
The size of these checks create a soft hooked pattern. So very beautiful for landscapes, baskets, urns, borders, trees, etc.
Joshua Tree, Hooked
Hooked Example
Herbal Essence
Similar to many greens we’ve had in the past. As you can see, it will work well with every wool on this page and the others in this mailer! Really great foundation for penny rugs, too.
Herbal Essence, Hooked
Hooked Example
Revolutionary Red
Absolutely, positively, a perfect red. Neat Santa coats, flowers, flags, etc. Similar to our previously milled Olde Glory Red but the colors are more defined. Cut and hook with the stripes or cut across the stripes for ever- changing loops. So much fun!
Revolutionary Red, Hooked
Hooked Example
Grape Ape
Beautiful shades of purple combine to create perfect flowers, borders, foundations for spring and fall penny rugs…or maybe the purple elephant in the room?!
Grape Ape, Hooked
Hooked Example
Spiced Orange
This aged, orange plaid is not just a fall color! Great for fussy cutting into three different shades, effortlessly. Use this one for flowers, fruit, animals, landscapes and, certainly, fall’s gourds and pumpkins.
Spiced Orange, Hooked
Hooked Example
Galway Girl
Beautifully heathered green with highlights of orange and brown. A must have green for your stash or those wooly trees you are making. You “ain't never seen nothin' like a Galway girl”!
Galway Girl, Hooked
Hooked Example
Midnight Blue
A black and deep, inky-blue plaid will hook a night sky, dark border or background with life. Would also make a beautiful foundation for penny rugs. Have fun with this deep dark wool, night or day!
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    Fields of Gold

    Our most versatile shade of gold with many other heathered colors woven into the herringbone. This yellow-gold is a must have for everything from the sun to the moon and the sunflowers in-between.