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    More Information on the Wools in the January 2020 Mailer


    When you feel the swatches in this January mailer you will again notice a tighter weave. 

    You can cut many of these truly 100% wool items down to a 4 and up to an 8.5 or hand torn with confidence and without fraying. If you are a fine hooker, these new items will give you a much broader selection of textures to use in your projects. If you use our wool for appliqué, trees, proddy, shirring, upholstery, etc., you will notice tighter edges on even more intricate patterns.


    For more, check out our FAQ pagePlease note that the swatches in this mailer were proccessed with a cold rinse, with a little fabric softener, and a cool dryer. 

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    Stardust (TW)
    A high quality natural with just a sprinkle of sparkle, for a beautiful overdye or to hook as-is. Mix it in your snow, stars, water, Santa beards, etc. Safe for your cutter! This tighter weave sparkle is a little less glitzy than our previously milled Angel Dust.
    Cotton Cloud (TW)
    The new tighter weave version of our Cumulus Cotton, this is a customer favorite that we are asked for time and time again since it was last swatched in 2017. Neutral backgrounds, sandy beaches, great foundation color to overdye.
    Pebble Beach (TW)
    This somewhat reversible neutral, with its’ interesting pattern, is a great overdye! Consider using this texture for animals, cloudy skies, pebble walkways, backgrounds and overdyes. Please note, this weave is best suited for a 7 cut or above.
    Pebble Beach, Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Desert Stripe (TW)
    The neutral stripes of various widths in tones of tan, taupe, natural and olive make this a versatile neutral stripe and a knockout overdye! Incredible stone walls, siding, walkways, trees, and much more.
    Desert Stripe, Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Sandstone Plaid (TW)
    This neutral plaid is something new for you to try! With some of the light to medium variations of favorites like Lights and Shadows, this can be used as-is or will provide a great foundation for over-dyeing.
    Sandstone, Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Coverall Blue (TW)
    This denim-blue is great for any application and should easily “cover all” of your blue needs!
    Coverall Blue, Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Tin Roof (TW)
    Inspired by the colors of a corrugated tin roof on your favorite weathered country barn, this new plaid will be a do-it-all favorite. An overdye must-try from 2011.
    Tin Roof, Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Cobblestone No. 2 (TW)
    The tighter weave version of our Cobblestone Nubby. Due to the weave and unique yarn needed for this look, Cobblestone comes with a slightly higher price and is now part of our Premium line, but worth every penny!
    Cobblestone No. 2, Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    French Toast (TW)
    The golden cast to this piece is a wonderful marriage of our Wool Studio Oatmeal with Maize Plaid. The result is a very satisfying start to your day.
    French Toast, Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Swamp Grass (TW)
    The new Swamp Green. All you green wooly tree people, fringe away!
    Swamp Grass, Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Wonderful-Good Brown (TW)
    OMG, this looks familiar! A Wool Studio favorite, the name says it all! Take this outside and marvel at the wonderful heathered color and life in this dark brown.
    Tequila Sunrise (TW)
    Orange, red and pink with shades of green to bring it all together - without being jumpy. Works great with purples, teals and blues. Use this for beauty lines, borders and flowers. Try a wash of mahogany or your favorite red for a great variation.
    Tequila Sunrise, Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Thickety (TW)
    Deep, dark and mysterious combination of green and brown with a thin navy windowpane. To get the full effect, take this outside to see the heathered values. Try as a border or background with Tequila Sunrise or Smoked Paprika… nice!
    Thickety, Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Smoked Paprika (TW)
    A primitive deep red with dark green and gold accents. Excellent for old structures, floral bouquets, baskets, urns or vintage backgrounds and borders.
    Smoked Paprika, Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Rocket Red (TW)
    Rocket Red is a red, red. Hold on tight, this will be a wild ride!
    Rocket Red Hooked
    Deep Blue Sea (TW)
    An incredible, heathered blue background. Wonderful highlights of muted colors… navy blue, rust, olive and lighter blue all hook together with no effort on your part to create the perfect background!
    Deep Blue Sea Hooked
    Morse Code (TW)
    Restocked for January
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    Tequila Sunrise, Hooked

    Hooked Sample