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    More Information on the Wools in the October 2019 Mailer


    When you feel the swatches in this October mailer you will again notice a density improvement to the pieces. 

    You can cut these truly 100% wool items down to a 4 and up to an 8.5 or hand torn with confidence and without fraying. If you are a fine hooker, these new items will give you a much broader selection of textures to use in your projects. If you use our wool for appliqué, trees, proddy, shirring, upholstery, etc., you will notice tighter edges on even more intricate patterns.


    For more, check out our FAQ pagePlease note that the swatches in this mailer were proccessed with a cold rinse, with a little fabric softener, and a cool dryer. 

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    You can also see eSwatches of restocked wools featured in October. Not on our mailing list? Find out how.

    Click on each image below for a larger view

    Country Creamery (HD)
    Updated version of our Host Creamery. We especially love all its’ spot-dyeing possibilities, as it retains the square texture perfectly.
    Morse Code (HD) - Sold Out
    Sold Out
    Naturally Seeded (HD)
    An improved density update of our Seeded Natural. One of our best selling neutrals, overdyes every color under the sun beautifully…naturally!
    Gettysburg Gray (HD)
    You asked for gray and it doesn’t get much better than this! Beautifully shaded with a hint of brown/taupe, and perfect for overdyes, especially your blues and purples.
    Old Town Road (HD)
    This faded stripe has subtle color and heathered texture. We love it for roofs, trails, trees, and over-dyes of course!
    Old Town Road - Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Guacamole (HD)
    The new, improved density version of our popular Margarita Mix! A beautiful spring green that has so many uses. Hook a visually interesting piece of fruit (apple, pear) without thinking. This plaid is also great for foliage, grass and backgrounds.
    Whisky Holler (HD)
    Fantastic bourbon-brown with windowpanes of soft golden-green plaid. Hooks a beautiful background or border mixed with other browns or all by itself.
    Whisky Holler - Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Settee Stripe (HD)
    Fabulously reversible, this is a muted old blue with olive stripes on the “right” side and a teal-y version on the back side. Cut with or across the stripes for beautiful borders, leaves, lettering, vases, houses, etc.
    Settee Stripe - Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Bean Sprout (HD)
    This vibrant green is great for grass, flower foliage, vines and other spring projects. Don’t forget the trees you have in mind for Christmas!
    Bean Sprout - Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Impressionist (HD)
    This color combination channels Claude Monet’s palette of tranquil lily ponds. A great piece to let your imagination take over!
    Impressionist - Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Butter Beer (HD)
    A new golden yellow with a hint of texture in its’ subtle herringbone weave. Great base for overdyeing blues, greens, and rust. An all-season color for gourds, flowers, the sun and moon, and everything in between!
    Butter Beer - Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Citrus (HD)
    Versatile and reversible, this lemon and orange wool cocktail is two wools in one. Utilizing both sides of this tweedy orange, effortlessly hook or appliqué fall leaves, sunflowers and pumpkins!
    Citrus - Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Snapper Green (HD)
    This deep green geometric has complementing lights and darks, making it rich and woodsy. A wonderful background and foliage color.
    Snapper Green -Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Black Jack Stripe (HD)
    An improved density version of our Reversible Black Stripe. A perfect antique black that has been a foundation dark for hooking and appliqué.
    Redrock Canyon (HD)
    An exquisite assortment of reds make up this geometric plaid. From lighter to darker, candy red to reddish brown... everything you need to hook as-is or fussy cut.
    Redrock Canyon - Hooked
    Hooked Sample
    Plain Old Black (HD)
    Pure black that works beautifully for woolen quilts, appliqué, and of course… hooking. A higher density update to our Plain Old Black.
    Diamonds are Forever (HD)
    Restocked for October
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    Impressionist (HD)

    This color combination channels Claude Monet’s palette of tranquil lily ponds. A great piece to let your imagination take over!